Roasted goose liver on winter plucked salads
roasted kernels and potato balsamic dressing
14,90 €

Rose of salmon with creamy horseradish and caviar,
crispy rösti, served with a seasonal salad bouquet
10,90 €

Carpaccio of beef fillet
thinly sliced beef fillet with
greated Parmesan and cream balsamic
10,90 €


Creamy potato soup with bacon croutons
5,50 €

Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup (vegetarian)
Seasoned with Williams pear and a hint of ginger
6,50 €


Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino
Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, hot pepper and fresh Parmesan
11,90 €

Fish of the day! Ask our service staff

Mussels "Rheinische Art"

Fresh mussels in spicy vegetable broth, finely seasoned
with Rhine wine, served with black bread and butter
14,90 €

 Our classics

Calf's liver with browned onions, caramelized apple slices,
on fresh mashed potatoes, served with colorful salad
17,90 €

Endives untereinander with mashed potatoes,
Onions and bacon, with crispy fried black pudding
12,90 €

Baked pork fillet in a bread crust with cognac pepper sauce,
served with hash browns and princess beans
17,90 €

Oven roasted pork knuckle
with Riesling sauerkraut and fresh mashed potatoes
16,90 €

Grilled rumpsteak 250 grams with the typical fat edge,
brown onions, herb butter, fried potatoes and
a salad of the season
24,90 €

Roast Beef, cold cut with
Remoulade sauce, fried potatoes and salad bouquet
14,90 €

Schnitzel Laterne breaded pork schnitzel
with stewed onions, bacon, fried egg, french fries or
fried potatoes are served with a seasonal salad
15,90 €

Our coveted stews ...

Tender Sauerbraten "Rheinischer Art"
on gravy, with potato dumplings and red cabbage
17,90 €

Juicy beef roulade filled
with mustard, bacon, onions and pickles with savory sauce,
with potato dumplings and red cabbage
18,90 €

Delicately stewed ox cheeks on a strong sauce
with potato dumplings and red cabbage
18,90 €

Dornfelder lamb shank in a fine sauce with a touch of garlic,
with bacon beans and baby potatoes
fried in virgin olive oil
19,90 €

Our goose specialties

Goose breast or goose leg cooked sous vide,
with marzipan baked apple, glazed chestnuts,
red cabbage & potato dumplings
24,90 €

“Himmel und Erde” from goose liver
Roast goose liver on its own sauce
with caramelized apple and mashed potatoes
16,90 €

Whole goose
fresh from the oven, for four people with marzipan baked apple,
glazed chestnuts, red cabbage or brussels sprouts and potato dumplings
* 129,00 €

* Only on reservation reservation!

Children's menu up to 12 years

French fries with ketchup & mayo
3,00 €

Spaghetti with butter
5,50 €

A children's schnitzel with chips and ketchup
6,50 €

Four fish fingers with mashed potatoes
6,50 €

Robber dish (eat with Mom & Dad)
0,00 €

Sweet seductions

Spiced biscuit ice cream praline with baked apple chutney
7,50 €

Gingerbread parfait on lukewarm mulled wine cherries
7,50 €

Chocolate cake with liquid core, served with vanilla ice cream
and tipsy forest fruits
7,50 €

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